I am Sara Righetti,
a professional educator, neuroscientist, and social educator.

I have worked for many years in nurseries, where I have firsthand experience of the importance of early learning of a second language. I became passionate about this topic and obtained a master’s degree in teaching a second language in preschool age.

I raised my daughters bilingual: Italian and English, even though we are a classic monolingual family. This led me to join the community of international families in Milan, where I immediately felt at ease.

When I became a mother, I also understood the suffering caused by sleep deprivation and its impact on daily life with one’s child. This led me to seek help from a sleep consultant using the no tears method.

I have deeply negative memories of this experience, which compromised my relationship with my daughter. That’s why I decided to put all my studies and further research into action to offer a better service and not leave parents alone in this critical phase.

From my studies, passions, and experience as a mother, Simply Our Child was born, a project that I like to define as my third child and that I love with all my heart. In it, I put all of myself to provide a high-level service and at the same time support parents who cannot afford high costs.