Challenging ourselves to raise our children is the best investment in our future!

Together, we can make the world a happier place!


  • Free meetings for mothers and caregivers in English to create a support network among mothers and to have discussions with early childhood specialists.
  • Activities, workshops, and events in English for the whole family.

Consultations for new parents in Italian and English

  • Sleep consultations
  • Bilingualism consultations to introduce English or any other language into the family
  • Choice of bilingual and international schools
  • Parenting support.


  • Italian families who want to experience an international and pedagogically innovative environment.
  • Italian families living abroad
  • International families.
  • Multilingual or multicultural families.
  • Expat families in Italy.

Simply Our Child is a community, both in-person and online, of Italian families who want their children to speak English, international families looking to integrate into the local Italian context, and Italian expats all over the world.

Ours is a social impact project; by choosing us, you will help other people receive assistance and build a better world, with more support for new families and international families arriving in Italy for the first time.

We offer free weekly services for new moms and moms in English, where they can make friends, share the joys and frustrations of motherhood, and discuss with sector specialists.

In Milan, we organize English-language activities for families and children on weekends to have fun together and create a network of Italian families who speak English or would like to, as well as international families.

We also offer one-on-one consultations for those who want to improve the quality of their relationship with their children and enhance their parenting skills, including gentle sleep consultations without tears, consultations to develop English or any other minority language in the family, parenting support, and assistance in choosing bilingual and international schools.

Come and meet us at our events or contact me privately if you feel aligned with this project.


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