Professional educator

My name is Sara

To describe myself and my story in a few lines is not as simple as it seems. I’m energetic and charismatic yet sweet and gentle, and if I’m to be completely honest, I’m a bit of a workaholic.

I haven’t had the best life but thanks to the work I’ve done in therapy, I’ve been made stronger and more resilient. I’ve also discovered that the perfect family doesn’t exist at all, but we can do our best to spread happiness in our home and create a safe nest for our kids.

My first degree is in occupational therapy and I have a masters in brain sciences. I also have another degree to become a nursery school teacher, and have worked for many years with underprivileged children, and later as a teacher in a private nursery.

In 2014 I married Pietro, in 2017 I became a mum to Rebecca and in 2019 Lara was born. The first couple of years with the girls were not so easy – not enough sleep, trying to figure out how motherhood works – but in the end I survived and I’ve learned more from this experience than I could have by reading 1000 books on the subject.

These are the main reasons why I’ve been running my consultation business: so that other parents can avoid feeling alone in this beautiful yet sometimes overwhelming journey and to share my knowledge that comes from a combo of three degrees and the 360 absorbing experience that is motherhood.

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